Introducing STAX v0.1

Top Level Overview of STAX v0.1 Features

  • You deposit $TEMPLE and $FRAX to STAX.
  • STAX adds liquidity to the Temple AMM, which returns FRAX/TEMPLE LP tokens.
  • STAX locks the LP tokens in the Frax gauge.
  • You receive xLP, a liquid 1:1 mirrored asset to the native LP token.
  • You stake your xLP tokens on STAX and earn Frax rewards ($FXS and $TEMPLE).

1) Deposit $TEMPLE and $FRAX to Add Liquidity

2) Convert LP tokens to xLP

2a) Note on xLP Conversion Permanence

2b) xLP Conversion: Behind the Scenes

3) Staking xLP on STAX to Earn Rewards


Claiming Rewards

Unstaking xLP

Curve xLP/LP Pool

The Future for STAX



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